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BAC Antimicrobial Cleaner Tough enough to clean surfaces in hospitals, schools, daycares and clinics, yet gentle enough for household surfaces, including: glass, stainless, wood, carpet, and fabrics. Read More Download PDF

PreVasive products are safe for Pollinators!

Welcome to PreVasive & Green Chemistry

The PreVasive Store believes that the beauty of Green Chemistry is in its sustainability. This philosophy of chemical research and engineering encourages the design of products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Sustainable chemicals consumption, especially with biocidal chemicals, is one of the key elements in protecting our environment. PreVasive’s biocidal technologies help to reduce residual chemicals by over 80% compared to the average products found in the market!

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PreVasive USA Partnership

PreVasive USA is more than just a developer of Organic, Natural, breakthrough chemical formulations.

We’re a total solutions company that provides not only one of the safest, non-corrosive, non-bleach, EPA Registered, 2-minute sporicides and Organic Disinfectant available in the market today, but we bring a team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, with over 50 years of combined hands-on experience as leading providers of pathogen remediation services to the table.

As professional remediation experts, we understand cleaning and disinfection Best Practices. We are continually refining our methods of cleaning and chemical application as new simple, innovative technologies are introduced to the market.

We share these methods with our customers, so that they can begin to incorporate these tools into their daily cleaning and disinfection protocols

This is the The PreVasive Store - Your source for BAC and Natural Botanical Cleaners site!